Welcome to Harvest Moon British Shorthair cats

We breed Blue and Lilac British Shorthair cats in the state of Maryland.  Known as the teddy bears of the cat world. 

About Us

Family Breeder of the British Shorthair cat located in Maryland

We are a small family based hobby breeder of the British Shorthair cat. We are located in beautiful Southern Maryland and registered with TICA. We take pride in our loving British Shorthair cats. 

The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a very pleasant cat to have as a companion, easy going and placid. The British cat is a fiercely loyal and loving cat and will attach to their family members.  While the British cat likes to play they do not need hourly attention.  The BrIrish shorthair is a thick, muscular cat. Despite heavy boning and musculature, you want to make certain they keep a proper weight and do not get out of condition.  The British Shorthair makes for a wonderful companion and family member.

Weight range:

Male <12


Eye colors:

Blue, copper, gold, odd eye

Longevity range: 7-12 years

Shedding: Moderate

British Shorthair Kittens in Maryland

If you would like information on getting a kitten please contact us using the form below. We are located in Southern Maryland which is an easy drive from VA, DC, PA and NC.  We offer mostly Blue British Shorthair kittens from time to time. Expecting a litter this upcoming Winter and will be taking deposits soon. Our kittens are lovingly handled from birth to ensure loving personalities. Please see photo gallery of our cats at the bottom of page. 

Contact Us for Kitten Info

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Located in Southern Maryland